All This Glory


As I sat designing a flyer this morning a familiar song popped up on Spotify. I have to admit that it totally broke me down. It reminded me of what is really important and that I needed to change my attitude. The song is called “All This Glory” featuring David Crowder on the Passion label. The more I let the words soak in the more things made sense. This election season has been an interesting journey. Amongst all of the heated debate, the tearing down and the finger pointing there is one thing that remained constant: God. He has been constant through every election in our country’s history. There is a specific section of the song that felt particularly heavy this morning…

While the world was waiting on a change to come along – Light broke in.  Coming like a song. All this glory! In the middle of the night, all this light. In the middle of the night, all this light here! In the middle of the night, You are majesty. Through the middle of our plight came the King of Kings.”

Last night I was so focused on seeing which man would be elected that I failed to see the light. I overlooked Jesus and all of the glory that He brings. This song reminds me that I need to look to God for change…not man. Even when things are dark and scary He will bring light and show me the way. If I simply open my eyes and take in the glory that He brings then things will be all right.