The Glory of It All

Friday morning I was on my way to CBN for a day of work. As I was driving I decided to listen to The Glory of it All by David Crowder. I’ve heard it countless times before, but I figured I would listen to it for specific parts to figure out what I would play when we introduce the song to Forefront. As I listened to the words of the song they started to affect me. By the time the song got to the bridge I was in tears.

The song is about rescue. Jesus came and paid the ultimate price so that “we [would] never be the same.” He came and He changed everything. As the words floated around the car I began to wonder…do I live a life totally changed by Jesus? Or am I just the same sinner I was before I knew Christ? Does His sacrifice matter enough to me that my life would really change?

In this moment I was reminded of why I do what I do. Music has the power to completely break me down…no matter where I am or what I am doing. I do what I do because I know that if music can reach me like this then I know it can reach others too. My prayer is that people would come on Sunday morning and sing like it meant everything. That they would show up and simply seek to be in the presence of Jesus so that they would never be the same.

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  1. Heather Kancso

    Hey Justin! Wow! What a great post! I completely agree with you on the Glory of it All. I could really feel the anointing (especially at the bridge) when I was practicing it this morning. I’ve only heard the song a couple of times and hadn’t quite focused on the lyrics until you posted this blog. It definitely changes my perspective.

    Music totally affects me in this way too. I’m so glad that you listened to God to follow your dream. He is totally using you to reach others. Keep up the great work!

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